The 2021 edit of Seascape is out

Seascape has its origin from the debut album Fairytales (1998). It was the last track on the album and included a “hidden/secret track”, 30 sec after its end. On this 2021 version, the hidden track is removed, no more secrets! The track has also got som sonic treatment and a 2021 “makeover”.  If you wantContinue reading “The 2021 edit of Seascape is out”

December music

They may not be Christmas songs, but a few of my tracks have a Christmas or December mood to them. Starting with two tracks from the Fairytales album, The Colour of December and Dreams of Christmas. Then, in 2006, the single December Song was released. It featured Alice Hellevik Solum on vocals and Roger PedersenContinue reading “December music”