The cinematic music of Norwegian composer/producer and keyboard player Christian Welde has elements of electronica, classical, jazz and pop. 

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FLOW is out

The single Flow is now available on all streaming and download sites.

Cover artwork for FLOW

I am very happy to present the cover for the upcoming single FLOW, to be released on May 21. Visual artist Olaug V. Welde is the creator of the wonderful image, that she very kindly let me use.


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Happy New Year!

With radio airplay and chart placement of “When Echoes Fade” last winter, release of the single “Aerial” in May, and re-recording of “Darling Blue” with Geir Halleland in August, the conclusion is that last year also had some musical highlights. Suddenly there will be some releases in 2021 too! Happy New Year!

Radio interview (Norwegian)

Christian Welde komponerer musikk hjemme i Kopervik og spiller selv alt av keyboards. Når han skal hente inn stemmer og andre instrumenter, bruker han folk i Nashville, Los Angeles, New York og Asker.  Hør intervju med Egil Houeland i forbindelse med slipp av singelen When Echoes Fade i november 2019.

Summer Forest doing well on playlists

Summer Forest featured on playlist by Ambient tones is a playlist by featuring artists like David Helping, Brian Eno and Biosphere. I am happy to be a part of this great company.

December music

They may not be Christmas songs, but a few of my tracks have a Christmas or December mood to them. Starting with two tracks from the Fairytales album, The Colour of December and Dreams of Christmas. Then, in 2006, the single December Song was released. It featured Alice Hellevik Solum on vocals and Roger PedersenContinue reading “December music”

30 year old song re-recorded

One of Christians “old” songs, Darling Blue, was recently re-recorded by Norwegian artist Geir Halleland. Halleland also recorded the song back in 1992. Listen to the song here.

New music for solo trumpet published

The piece Reflections is written for solo trumpet. It is available as sheet music via link below. Click here to find out more.

Aerial is out now

The instrumental ambient single Aerial is out on all digital streaming and download services.


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