“Frankfurt” featured on exciting playlist


That is the title of the Spotify playlist where I am featured together with lots of other great composers and artists. Thanks to Michael Schubert for putting this list together.

Music and soundscapes of a futuristic and bleak megacity, inspired by BLADE RUNNER. – Dark clouds | industrial towers | neon lights | police cruisers | huge billboards | replicants | crime. 

Michael Schubert – playlist curator

Old tapes transferred to new format

The industry standard master format, the DAT-tape is no longer in use. I still have lots of ideas and sketches in this format, so I will spend the weekend and the following days to transfer these to the computer as audio files.

Hopefully some forgotten gems might turn into full production in the future. It is always fun to listen to ones old ideas, some as far as back as 1993. Some of these files are already on albums like Fairytales..

Tech nerd alert:
The optical ins of the Edirol UA-25 audio card captures the digital audio from the Sony 57 ES DAT player, kindly borrowed to me by Vegar Pedersen. Some trial and error with cables and sample rates and we are in motion!

Radio interview (Norwegian)

Christian Welde komponerer musikk hjemme i Kopervik og spiller selv alt av keyboards. Når han skal hente inn stemmer og andre instrumenter, bruker han folk i Nashville, Los Angeles, New York og Asker. 

Hør intervju med Egil Houeland i forbindelse med slipp av singelen When Echoes Fade i november 2019.