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The Lucid Dreaming album is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other places. Please do check it out!

5 of Christians tracks have been featured on "electronic ambient" compilations albums, by the german label Rosenklang.

Also, the track There and beyond has been featured on a female vocal compilation album. Congratulations  to Alice Hellevik, the female singer on that track !

You can now download free sheetmusic to the solo flute track, Fairytales, from the Fairytales album.
Download it here.  You can listen to it on Spotify or buy at any online store.

Enjoy! Christian.


This is Christian Weldes third album. It differs from the others in being a piano solo only album,
while Fairytales and Skywatching were complex productions. The album is recorded at Christians home,
using an upright piano and a simple recording setup. All pieces are "composed" on the spot, or improvised.
At the day of recording, it was raining, and this can sometimes be heard in the tracks...

Christian Welde is a Norwegian musician, who with Skywatching releases his second CD. His first album, Fairytales (1998), I found an interesting disc of ambient music, but Skywatching is quite varied and with some good songs.

The first song, Carpet Ride has a nice atmosphere, a Steve Hackett-like guitar sound by Roger Pedersen and the beautiful voice of Jan Toft. It is a bit like the CD Madcap Flaming Beauty by Tangerine Dream.

Welde also has jazzy elements, like the saxophone of Ole Jacob Hystad in Birds of Passage, but personally I'm not so found of the saxophone. The voice of Helene Bonander on the other hand, is beautiful and provides great atmosphere.

The amazing guitar work of Pedersen we hear in There and Beyond, along with the saxophone.

The Flight, by Alice Hellevik, is a very strong number. The same goes for the ambient-like Summer Forest, Meadows Edge, the classic Interlude and October Air.

What Place is This, again Helene Bonander and Pedersen, sounds like music from a musical and Touch The Sky sounds like film music.

The last track, Haukeli, an experimental piece, is disappointing.

Skywatching has an icy atmosphere that is appropriate to the country from which the composer comes. It is a beautiful and attractive CD with several well-played tracks.

Paul Rijkens, IO Pages Magazine,
October 2010

The new piano solo album is now available at digital music stores.

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