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Today marks the 9th anniversary of the album Skywatching (2009).

Still available on all streamning services and on CD.


Here are 20 great tracks and 5 of my own that I am pretty happy with. I hope you enjoy and share.

In 2015, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason shared the news about the Illuminate album, featuring Pink Floyd singer Durga McBroom. See the post here.


Listen to Robins cover version of the flute solo Fairytales (1998)

The track The Lake from the album Fairytales (1998) has ended up on 18 different compilation albums in the yoga/meditation genre.

The short action film RUN will premiere on the Norwegian Film Festival in August. The soundtrack by Christian will also be released in August. The film features well known Norwegian actor Jørgen Langhelle.


From last years album release, it is quite a leap to the theater music I have written for a play by Norwegian author Per Olav Kaldestad. The play had its premiere this week. The music is for piano, cello, violin, obo, synthesizer and childrens voices.


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Her er en oppsummering av noe av pressedekiningen til albumet Illuminate.


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