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New tracks added to film music show reel

For all you film makers out there, some new demo tracks have been added to the film music section. Check it out.

The song "Illuminate" wins award

'Illuminate' ranks high on our list of the year's top pop tracks - hovering at its fog-swirled summit in fact; Christian Welde's emotional ballad is impossible to resist.'

These nice words come from Akedemia music awards of Los Angeles, California.

Pianoday 2018 - Nils Frahms playlist

What an honour to be part of Nils Frahms Pianoday playlist. 

Winter Morning remix

This is a new version of the track Winter Morning from my 2010 solo piano album, Storytime. For the occasion of #Pianoday its been treated with some dreamy reverb and slight eq.

Pianoday 2018 - video 1

Pianoday 2018

On the occasion of being Pianoday on the 88th day of the year, March 29th, I will post 2 videos with piano improvisations on my YouTube channel.


To fine out more about Pianoday, click here.

Skywatching - Happy Birthday!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the album Skywatching (2009).

Still available on all streamning services and on CD.


20+5 Spotify list

Here are 20 great tracks and 5 of my own that I am pretty happy with. I hope you enjoy and share.

Pink Floyds Nick Mason shares the news!

In 2015, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason shared the news about the Illuminate album, featuring Pink Floyd singer Durga McBroom. See the post here.


Listen to Robins version of Fairytales

Listen to Robins cover version of the flute solo Fairytales (1998)

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