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by Christian Welde

Released 2009
Welde Media
Released 2009
Welde Media
A collage of pop, electronica, film music and soundscapes.
Skywatching is Christians second album. This time it features guest performers, including vocals, guitars, flute and saxophone. The music gives the listener a feeling of flying/floating. Very visual music to take your mind on a journey. Among the vocalists we have Jan Toft (former singer of Norwegian band Vamp). Other performers are: Alice Hellevik, Helene Bonander, Ole Jacob Hystad, Roger Pedersen (dTales/Heaven), and Vaklina Popova. The album do have some elements of a concept album, several of the titles suggest air, flight and skies. Christian has been working on and off with this music over a decade. It starts off with the evocative pop song, Carpet Ride and ends with a 10 minutes meditative piece called Haukeli.



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