Christian Welde

Lucid Dreaming

by Christian Welde

Released 2013
Welde Media
Released 2013
Welde Media
Beautiful, melancholic and celestial music from Norway. Start dreaming !
Lucid Dreaming (2013) includes tracks composed and recorded over the last few years. It is an instrumental album, with synthesizers/keyboards only. The overall atmosphere of the album is down tempo, dreamy and cinematic.

(The term Lucid Dreaming means having a dream, and at the same time knowing that you are dreaming, thus being able to control your actions in the dream.)

The great cover photo is by Knut Even Medhaug (

Christians music can in many ways be associated with film music / soundtracks.

Christian Welde (1969) lives on the west coast of Norway and creates very relaxing/dreamy electronic music.

He released "Fairytales", his first solo album, in December 1998.
Christian uses mainly synthesizers/samplers and the computer as instruments.

Christians inspirations include: Pink Floyd, Vangelis, classical and film music.

He has also worked as a piano/keyboard player for various artists/projects. The music has been used by Norwegian national TV channels NRK and TV2. Its has also been played on BBC radio, french radio as well as Irish television.

Christians songs have been recorded by several Norwegian artists.

His second album, Skywatching was released in 2009.

He has also made music for several commercials/company presentations, incl. Ekornes furniture company.

He released the live single Sesacape/Summer Forest in July 2010, featuring Roger Pedersen on guitar.

Storytime, a pure piano improv album was released in august 2010.

Kaleidoscope, a live album with guitar player Roger Pedersen, was released spring 2012.
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