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by Christian Welde

Released 2015
Welde Media
Released 2015
Welde Media
Symphonic pop meets film music and ambient in Norwegian artist/producer Christian Weldes album "Illuminate". Pink Floyd backing singer Durga McBroom-Hudson is featured on lead vocals on two of the tracks.
Norwegian artist/producer/keyboardplayer Christian Welde is known for his cinematic/dreamy music since his debut with Fairytales in 1998.

Illuminate is his 6th album and has elements of pop, ambient, jazz and symphonic rock.

Guitarplayers Roger Pedersen and Roy Kling (Temet Nosce), sax player Ole Jacob Hystad, drummer Leif Helge Olsen, backing singer Helene Bonander and lead singer Durga McBroom-Hudson of Pink Floyd are all essentials parts of the album.



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