Christian Welde


by Christian Welde

Released 1998
Welde Media
Released 1998
Welde Media
Film music, classical, ambient and more. Add it all together and you have FAIRYTALES.
This music has been airplayed on BBC radio and has been used as programme music by Norwegian TV-channels NRK and TV2.
Dreamy, ambient, new-age, synthesizer based music.

The Fairytales CD has also had success on Apples iTunes.

Christian Welde lives on the west coast of Norway and creates very relaxing/dreamy electronic music.

He released "Fairytales", his first solo album, in December 1998.

Christian uses synthesizers/samplers and the computer to create his music. He also involves guest musicians on flute and voice.

Influences: Vangelis, Pink Floyd, film music, classical.

The music is also available on iTunes

Christian Welde’s Fairytales albums comprises a wide range of grandiose musical moods, ranging from the ambient, calming Encounter to the contagious sense of adventure of the outstanding Night Flight.

E-dition Magazine
This is a great cd filled with dreamy music in the best tradition but not so soft that it turns into new age. This remarkable music is able to reflect the grandeur of nature surrounding the talented Norwegian musician Christain Welde, who takes you on a relaxing journey without things getting too quiet. This musician has done well and sounds original in many ways; only the 2nd track is more up-tempo with a nice sequence & beat. Then things slow down again with descriptive soundscapes and twinkling sounds which work like a warm blanket in cold days. The 4th track offers some vocal additions, in the 8th track flute is added to the engaging electronic textures. Undeniable, subtle influences of spacemusic can be noticed in the following track “Change of Season”, before the album concludes with 2 introspective soundscapes

Other reviewers:

-Very relaxing, tranquil.... absolutely loved it!

-Put the headphones on, close your eyes and go on a celestial journey. Very beautiful!

-Very excellent for stress detox...easy to relax to... a floating cloud of music to let your mind wander

-I thought it was excellent totally chilled out ambient from scandinavia one of the most chilled out tunes ive ever heard.