Christian Welde

December Song

by Christian Welde

Released 2006
Welde Media
Released 2006
Welde Media
A powerful mix of symphonic pop and electronica.
December Song is an EP with new music from Norwegian artist Christian Welde. It is a powerful "pop"-song featuring Alice Helleviks vocals and Roger Pedersens (of dTales) guitar work.

The song is only available in digital format: iTunes and others.

December Song is a Christmas song for the whole year...

Christian Welde (1969) lives on the west coast of Norway and creates very relaxing/dreamy electronic music.

He released "Fairytales", his first solo album, in December 1998.

Christian took a Diploma in Music Synthesis at Berklee College Of Music in Boston.

Christian uses mainly synthesizers/samplers and the computer as instruments.

Christians inspirations include: Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, classical and soundtracks.

The Fairytales CD has been shipped worldwide through several on-line stores.

The music has been used by Norwegian national TV channeles NRK and TV2 + airplay on BBC radio. Christians songs have been recorded by several Norwegian artists. He has also made music for several commercials/company presentations, incl. Ekornes, Stilasgruppen and KIB Media.